The great potential market for Intraoral Camera in upcoming years

The global market demand of Intraoral Camera keeps going up; PMS and Image Softaware conbining the image from Intraoral Camera; Intraoral Camera is a good diagnostic tool to view different angles of teeth and help Dentist to explain more to Patient or get more budget from Patient. There are three different types intraoral camera in market; USB Intraoral Camera (Cable is too long), WIFI Intraoral Camera (linking with Smart Phone/iPad, that is consumer product); in addition to USB and WIFI model. ABELTECH is pioneer to announce the best Digital Wireless Full HD Intraoral Camera (1080P) technology replacing long USB cable of USB Intraoral Camera; moveable, flexible, lightweight, changing position easily to take a Photo/Video without messy USB cable; multi-video carries, USB output to link PC for Dental Image Software/ PMS, HDMI output to link with Big LCD monitor and SD Card to save file for Patients if they would like to keep photo or video.