Model No.: HSC-A11

USB Digital General Scope w/ 8 Mega Pixel Image from High-End Sensor to create high resolution Photo for Microscope; applications including Digital MicroscopeGeneral Camera (infinity focus)Inspection and PCB checking.

  • High Heat Detector Sensor Thermal Camera W/ Flir Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
  • Dual Band Sensor in one device w/ Thermal Imager and Colorful Camera
  • Auto-detect and track the heat objects by thermal sensor.
  • Analyzing multiple spot temperature data simultaneously by Algorithm
  • Full HD 1080Pvideo camera including temperature information for recording and snapshot.
  • Camera supports WIFI and wire Ethernet connection to deliver video and temperature data.
  • With advanced management software, user can detect security events ahead and avoid risk.
  • Setting Tracker & Alarm (by temperature), Range/Object Excluded Setting, PIP display in software

Camera with Color Video

Video Resolution

2MP (1920 x1080 pixels) 16:9

Field of View

65°( hor.) x 40° (ver.)

Frame rate

 Max. 30fps

Thermal Imager

Accurate Detect Range

 1.5m – 2m

Uncooled VOx Microbolometer


Heat Image Resolution

100 pixels for Heat Image on 1080P Video display

Camera Field of view 

51° (hor.) x 38.25° (ver.) 

Frame rate 

Max. 7fps

Sensor Sensitivity

0.1˚C / 100mk (NETD)

Temperature Range 

20 ~ 100˚C

Temperature Accuracy

 +/- 0.5˚C (35-42˚C)

Max. People Accuracy Detected

12 people during 1.5m to 2m

Video Format


H.264 (Camera Video) / Proprietary (Heat Image display) 


Max. 4Mbps

Max. Users linked

 4 PC / Notebook



Support IEEE802.11b/g WiFi and RJ45 ethernet  connection simultaneously

Selectable WiFi AP and Client mode

Selectable static IP and DHCP Ethernet


Reset button x1 (Return to factory default)

LED indicator (blue) x1 (Normal operation)

LED indicator (yellow) x1 (Network packet act.)

Power input

5V DC / 2.5A (Micro-USB connector) 

Operating temp. 

0 ~ 40˚C, ≦95%RH

Storage temp. 

-10 ~ 60˚C, ≦95%RH