Wireless Portable Full HD (1080P) Dental Lamp Camera w/ USB to PC; HDMI to Big LCD TV; SD Card to save photo & video; working with any Dental Image Software(model no.: iDSCO-LC11)

Model no.: iDSCO-LC11

  1. Sony High-End Sensor + Special Design Camera (10X on 45cm & 40″LCD)
  2. Easy to attach or mount on Dental Lamp
  3. Fast to take photos for Patients to apply for insurance
  4. No messy cable; portable and low-weight design
  5. New Optical Lens 5G (5 Glasses layer) to support the long focal distance, good magnification, high image and big DOF (Depth of Field)
  6. Digital Wireless technology w/1080P video, Smooth video w/o interference, Low power consumtion (7 hrs working time),
  7. Inductive Snapshot to avoid the blur photo caused by hand-shaking.
  8. Working with any Dental Image Software
  9. Rechargable Battery built in, w/ 7 hrs working time
  10. USB to PC, HDMI to big LCD TV and SD Card to save Photos and Videos
  11. Video and Capture button compatible w/ Dental Image Software; save photo into patient manegement system.