Wireless Full HD 1080P Dental Lamp Camera w/ USB to PC, HDMI to big LCD TV and SD Card to save Photo/Video ; a safe tool for Dentist, Keep Distance (40-50cm Focal Distance and 20X magnification), No Close Contact during Virus hit. (Model No.: iDSCO-LC11)

Model no.: iDSCO-LC11

  1. Easy to mount/attach on Dental Lamp
  2. Long Focal Distance 40-50 cm, 20X magnification (long range Extra-oral Camera)
  3. Fast and convenient to take teeth/face photos for Patients to apply for the insurance
  4. No messy cable; portable and low-weight design
  5. Equipped w/ New Optical Lens 5G (5 Glasses layer) and high-end Sony sensor.
  6. Support long focal distance, good magnification, better image and big DOF (Depth of Field)
  7. Digital Wireless technology w/1080P video, Smooth video w/o interference, Low power consumtion (7 hrs working time),
  8. Inductive Snapshot to avoid the blur photo caused by hand-shaking.
  9. Rechargable Battery built in w/ 7 hrs working time
  10. USB to PC, HDMI to big LCD TV and SD Card to save Photos and Videos
  11. Video and Capture button compatible w/ any Dental Image Software; save photo into patient manegement system, such as Dexis, Carestream, Dental 4 Windows, VixWin, Schick CDR DICOM, Patterson Eaglesoft Imaging, ExaminePro, Praktika, Dentimax, XDR, Tiger View, Sopro, Cliniview, Digora for Windows, Mediasuite, Romexis, Sidexis, Ultimo, Examine Pro …..via integration software.
  12. Designed and Made In Taiwan