A new particular Type-C USB Dental Camera w/ Intraoral & Extra-oral camera functions. Slim camera head design and Competitive price able to be Disposal Camera for Emergency use; this camera is High Quality & Inexpensive during Inflationary Spike period. (Model No. DSCO-T104S)

Model no.: iDSCO-LC11

  1. Narrow Camera Head Design 11 mm width
  2. Short Camera Head Design 8.3 mm height
  3. Super Image USB Dental Camera w/ the high competition
  4. Slim Camera Head design and Lightweight Intraoral Camera
  5. Competitive price able to be Disposal Dental Camera
  6. Disposal Intraoral & Extra-oral camera for Emergency use
  7. A Convenient Tool for Telemedicine or Telehealth
  8. 1.3Mega Pixel CMOS sensor (Photo Image)
  9. 1280 x 720 HD Video Image
  10. Tiny Camera Lens w/ 105 ° View Angle & 5-60mm long focal distance
  11. Including Intraoral Camera and Extra-oral Camera functions
  12. Type-C USB connector (Easily plug IN & OUT), 2m or 3m optional
  13. Two snapshot buttons design working w/any Image Software via Bridge Software
  14. Designed and Made in Taiwan