Wireless Full HD 1080P General Scope w/ Polarizer function for Dental Laboratory

Model no.: iDSCO-DM11

Wireless Full HD USB Camera w/ Microphone designed for Dental Laboratory as enclosed file (Model No.: iDSCO-DM11). It is Video & Voice Recorder, Microscope, Macro Scope, Magnifier, Live Demo and Teaching Cam. Three outputs at the same time; USB port connected with PC, HDMI port to Big LCD monitor and SD Card saving Photo & Video.

The working distance range of Camera Lens from 10mm to 500mm, the Focus can be fine-tuned to increase magnification; also be infinity focus such as the regular Web Cam.

The features of our Wireless Full HD Teaching Camera (General Scope)

  1. New wireless digital technology without messy cable
  2. Low Lux Sony Sensor w/ High Video Image, 1080P Full HD based on H.264 compression.
  3. High-end Optical Lens to support multi-focus applications; long working distance from 50cm to 1cm by focus adjusted; Close Up and Far Shot.
  4. Magnification from 1X to 100X (on 40” LCD).
  5. 2.4 GHz Proprietary Digital Wireless Technology, FHSS (TX and RX), less interference.
  6. Snapshot / Record Audio&Video (w/ Micro Phone) / Zoom In-Out buttons on Camera.
  7. HDMI & USB video outputs and Micro SD Card slot on receiver box
  8. USB output for PC/Laptop; HDMI output for bigger LCD screen
  9. Following Direct Show/Video command of Windows to link with API for snapshot function.
  10. Snapshot/Record AV into Micro SD card on Receiver Box side.
  11. 8 pcs high-light LED to fill light on Camera Head w/ Polarizer function to avoid light reflected.
  12. Inductive Snapshot to avoid blur photo when taking photo by hand shaking
  13. Package including Wireless Camera, Camera Stand and Receiver Box