Wireless Autofocus Microscope
Model No.: iDSCO-AF01
  • It works with mobile phone via wireless and free download APP.
  • Users can operate all functions on easy and friendly user interface by free download App
  • Features three focusing options:
  1. Continuous focusing mode keeps the sample in view when the working distance and magnification change.
  2. Single-focus mode is used for a stationary position.
  3. Manual focus mode gives you complete focus control.
  • Optical magnification: 35X (min.) / 140X (max.) on iPad Panel
  • Transmit Range: 30M(open sight).
  • Snapping and Record the image immediately and saving the magnified result.
  • Battery Life: around 1.5 hours.
  • Built-in 4 White LEDs, light adjusted.
  • Equipped with a spherical high-tech lens inside and anti-dust lens design on head of housing.