Wireless HD Ball Scope
Model No.: iDSCO-P03Y

The Wireless HD Ball Scope is the high resolution wireless digital microscope which have special lenses that allow our eyes to focus on an object at a much closer distance than is normally possible. Moreover, it also can work with i-Phone, Android Phone or i-Pad that send the video to your mobile device by free download APP then you will see the microscope video freely.  

  • Applications in Skin, industry, science, engineering and study.
  • Also work with personal computer via USB connector.
  • It works with iPhone / iPad via free downloaded APP.
  •  Optical magnification:  110X (max.) /  30X (min.)  on iPad Panel
  • Digital magnification (APP): 165X / 220X / 275X (max.)
  • Support 1280×960 video and Still Image quality.
  • Transmit Range: 30M(open sight).
  • Snapping and Record the image immediately and saving the magnified result .
  • With proportional scale, crosshair, brightness, Hue, contrast…and so on in free download APP.
  • Battery Life: around 2 hours.
  • Built-in 4 White LEDs, light adjusted.
  • Equipped with a spherical high-tech lens inside and anti-dust lens design on head of housing.
  • Professional detector stage, can adjust height and angle easily.